Hi there,

Please help me test my game and give feedback… 

Good? Bad? I don’t mind… It’ll help me better modify things…

Controls are:

- Diagonal Swipes to move the player (Only if the lines are connected)

- Touch each tile to rotate it.

I’m testing:

- Level layouts

- level difficulty

- controls and feel of the game.

Things to note:

- the red things are the enemies, I’ve not decided on the final concept art for the enemy yet.

- the red enemy guys move randomly, going forward this will change to a more deterministic sorta movement.

- All current art is placeholder art…

Plus it’s a pre-pre-pre-pre alpha build. It still has a long way to go. Cheers :D

More information

Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsTop-Down, Turn-based


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i can't get it to run, just white page with unity logo and game name

It takes a while to load cos UNITY WEBGL... Sorry about that.